Sony has finally confirmed that a slimmer PlayStation 5 console will launch later this year, just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. The announcement comes after months of rumors and speculation about an imminent PS5 Slim release[1]. 

Details on the PS5 Slim Design

Sony says the PS5 Slim will be approximately 5cm shorter than the original chunky PS5 model. It will have a more compact, streamlined design while still retaining the iconic futuristic white and black color scheme[2]. 

The PS5 Slim shell that leaked in videos online shows off the smaller size. The dimensions come in at roughly 390mm x 104mm x 260mm compared to the original PS5’s 390mm x 260mm x 104mm size[1]. 

The major changes include:

  • Shorter and thinner overall body
  • Smaller cooling vents and fans 
  • Removal of the disc drive (digital-only model)
  • Detachable disc drive will be sold separately
  • More efficient cooling system
  • Lower power consumption

The PS5 Slim will sit horizontally in most entertainment centers much easier than the current towering PS5. However, Sony indicates it can still be positioned vertically with a stand.

Specs and Hardware Changes

Internally, the PS5 Slim will contain the same powerful hardware as the original PS5 models[3]. Key specs include:

  • Custom AMD Zen 2 CPU (8 cores, 3.5GHz)
  • Custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU (10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz) 
  • 16GB GDDR6 RAM, 256-bit bus
  • 825GB SSD storage 

The main changes come from efficiency improvements allowing the PS5 Slim to run cooler and quieter while taking up less space[2]. 

The detachable disc drive also gives gamers flexibility. PS5 Digital Edition owners can purchase the drive separately and use physical discs. But the external drive won’t be compatible with original PS5 Digital consoles.

PS5 Slim Pricing and Release Date

Sony confirmed the PS5 Slim will launch on November 15, 2023 in several key markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe[3]. 

The PS5 Slim Digital Edition without a disc drive will cost $399.99 – the same price as the original PS5 Digital model[4].

The detachable disc drive accessory will be sold separately for an additional cost of $119.99 [4]. 

That puts the total PS5 Slim price at $519.98 for the console with the disc drive included.

Why A Slim PS5 Makes Sense

Releasing a slimmed down, more power efficient version of the PS5 is a smart move by Sony for several reasons:

  • Manufacturing Costs – A smaller, streamlined design cuts production expenses allowing Sony to maintain profits even after lowering the price $100 compared to launch.
  • Overheating Issues – The original PS5 is known to run hot and even melt ports. A better cooling system solves this.
  • Energy Efficiency – The PS5 Slim will consume less energy, saving Sony and gamers money over time.
  • Compact Size – The slim model finally fits into entertainment centers without looking gigantic and out of place.
  • Appeal to New Buyers – A slim redesign along with lower prices makes the PS5 accessible to more households.

What About a PS5 Pro?

While the PS5 Slim caters to mainstream gamers, Sony also has a PS5 Pro in the works for release in 2024[5]. 

The PS5 Pro will target enthusiast gamers with features like[3]:

  • Hardware upgrades for higher frame rates and 8K resolution
  • Support for higher capacity SSD storage
  • Enhanced ray tracing capabilities 
  • Ability to output in native 4K at a smooth 120Hz

Having both a PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro allows Sony to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Microsoft is taking a similar two-console approach with the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Excitement Builds Among Gamers

ps5 slim

Gamers around the world are thrilled by Sony’s official PS5 Slim announcement. The prospect of a smaller, cheaper, and cooler running PS5 is generating tremendous buzz online. 

The new PS5 Slim and its attractive price point opens the console gaming experience to millions more users. Sony is poised to dominate the holiday 2023 shopping season with the must-have next generation console.

This slim redesign comes at the perfect time now that the PS5 is entering its third year. The Slim will drive engagement, game sales, and breathe new life into the platform. 

While supply chain issues may still persist, the PS5 Slim gives Sony the opportunity to deliver more stock to retailers. By November, many gamers should finally be able to purchase the console they’ve wanted since 2020.

With incredible exclusives like God of War: Ragnarok along with the PS5 Slim release, the future is bright for PlayStation fans. Sony has delivered exactly what users wanted – a more affordable and compact PS5 just in time for the holidays.