When his eyes opened is a collection of short stories by Simple Silence. The book is a collection of six stories interconnected by their themes and characters. Each level has its unique voice, but they all share the same setting: a small town in rural America where everyone knows each other’s business and nothing changes.
The first story, “When His Eyes Opened,” tells the tale of an unlikely romance between two high school students who attend rival schools (one public and one private) in this tight-knit community. While there were some grammatical errors throughout this piece (such as missing words or incorrect punctuation), it was generally well written with good flow from sentence to sentence. The author does an excellent job creating vivid imagery through description without getting bogged down in too many details; this makes for easy reading, even though there are some long paragraphs at times!


The plot of When His Eyes Opened is a series of events that contribute to the story’s overall arc. The key events are:

  • A man wakes up in a room he doesn’t recognize, without remembering how he got there or who he is.
  • He discovers that his body has been altered in some way–he has become stronger and faster than normal humans (though this does not seem to be due to any physical enhancement). He also finds that his senses have improved; for example, his sense of smell is so acute that it allows him to identify people by their scent alone.
  • The man escapes from captivity and travels across America, searching for answers about himself and his past life while avoiding those who want him dead because they fear what he may become if allowed free reign over society again.


The characters of When His Eyes Opened are complex and exciting. They’re not just there to serve the plot, but they have their motivations and goals that drive them forward.
It’s easy to see how they change over time, especially since we get glimpses into their pasts through flashbacks and memories. We also see how they interact with each other, which helps us understand who they are.


The themes in this book are social and political commentary. They are presented in a way that makes you think about how we as humans treat each other, how we view each other, and what our perception of reality is. This book also shows how easy it is for someone who has been hurt by others to turn around and hurt others themselves without realizing it until later on down the road when they look back at their actions with regret.

Writing Style

The author’s writing style is simple yet powerful. It’s easy to read but doesn’t sacrifice any of the story’s impact. The sentences are short and sweet, which makes it easy to get through this book in one sitting (or two).
The way she describes things is beautiful; some lines made me pause because they were so beautiful!


I liked the book. It was very well written, and the story was compelling. The characters were well-developed, and I cared about what happened to them.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance novels or coming-of-age stories.


This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to learn more about their partner or open their heart. It’s also perfect for anyone who enjoys romance novels but doesn’t want something too cheesy or unrealistic.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for an emotional journey that will make them think about themselves and those around them in new ways.

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